Bell Sleeve Shirt Casual White Shirt For Women


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Bell sleeve design: Highlights the personality and fashion sense of the clothes, making the overall look more eye-catching and unique. The bell sleeve design adds romance and elegance to the shirt.

Long-sleeved design: The long-sleeved design is suitable for autumn and winter. It can keep you warm while showing elegance and mature temperament.

Cotton and linen fabric: Made of cotton and linen fabric, it is soft and comfortable, has good breathability, and is comfortable to wear, meeting the comfort needs of casual commuting.

White shirt: White is a versatile and classic color, simple and elegant, easy to match, and suitable for various occasions.

European and American style: The design style combines European and American fashion elements, showing avant-garde personality and fashion taste, and is more in line with the dressing needs of modern women.

Niche design: The design style is unique, different from the design of traditional shirts, and has more uniqueness and brand personality, showing personalized fashion taste.

Commuting casual style: It is suitable for both formal wear in commuting occasions and the comfort needs of casual occasions. It has high wearing practicality and flexibility.

Product parameters
Main fabric: cotton and linen
Size: S|M|L|XL|XXL
Washing Instructions: Machine washable, hand wash in cold water is recommended, do not bleach, iron at low temperature, avoid soaking for too long.
Package includes: Clothes*1


S, M, L, XL, XXL


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